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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Skin Rejuvenation at Lakernick Health and Wellness

f you want to maintain a healthy complexion this season without extra trips to the day spa, make sure you're following a skin rejuvenation regimen that enhances and restores your skin each day. Taking the time to cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize your skin each and every day will pay off in the long run. Your skin will be glowing, your complexion will be clear, and you'll probably experience fewer breakouts! Investing in the right types of products and adopting some healthy lifestyle habits also can help you achieve that radiant glow.
Here are some essential skin rejuvenation tips for a healthier complexion:
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  1. Use a facial buffing sponge a few times a week. While scrubs and exfoliating products are great for your at-home facial, you also can keep your skin smooth and soft by using a facial buffing sponge while you cleanse. I like to alternate my cleansing routine with the , and a buffing sponge to exfoliate my skin lightly throughout the week. Just make sure to clean these sponges thoroughly and let them air-dry between uses.
  2. Hydrate with a hyaluronic acid serum. Hyaluronic acid already is found in the body but can be applied topically to the skin to rehydrate and moisturize. Get into the habit of using this type of serum daily and you'll notice your skin stays softer, smoother, and becomes more resilient within a few days.  Using products with pure hyaluronic acid, and plan on using them right after your toning session.
  3. Invest in a good night cream. Your body goes to work to heal, repair, and restore your cells each night. Help this process by applying a generous layer of moisturizer that contains anti-aging ingredients such as vitamin E, retinoic acid, and a B-vitamin complex. The moisturizer will stay on for several hours and helps rehydrate and nourish your skin during the repair process.


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